Cleaning Hard Floors

Taurus flooring

Sydney Engineered Flooring Cleaning

The nature of engineered floors makes them a little different to other hard floors. They pre-cut pieces tend to lock together tightly enough to prevent water leak issues, and they are less prone to moisture warping than most other floors. Hence, damp mopping will solve almost all cleaning situations. We recommend microfiber cloths, and microfiber mop attachments.


The top layer on engineered flooring is a thin veneer. As long as this is not compromised the floor will last for years. Avoid abrasive cleaning measures and there should be no problems.


Sydney Laminate Flooring Cleaning

Floors should be brushed with a light broom.

Mopping with hot water is effective. The mop should only be damp. Add some mild detergent or baby shampoo if the floor is especially dirty. Let the surface air dry.

Stubborn stains might require dilute vinegar or window cleaner. Immediately clean this with hot water.


Sydney Bamboo Flooring Cleaning

Sweep these on a regular basis; grit will cause abrasion of the surface. Removing shoes when inside is also a good idea. It is also good to put pads and felt coasters underneath all furniture, especially chairs. These coasters can be fixed into place with Bluetac.

Mop with a solution of one part vinegar diluted in 4 parts water. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth/mop for cleaning. Dry as quickly as possible.

Avoid oil based cleaning agents- these are usually not suitable for bamboo.


Sydney Loose Lay vinyl Cleaning

Sweep floors as often as practical, or use a soft vacuum attachment.

Clean with warm water and detergent; find a detergent of cleaner designed for vinyl. Use a damp microfiber cloth. Do not saturate the cloth as water can get in between the vinyl tiles.

Rinse the floor well to remove soap scum. This causes dirt to stick to the floor. Dry the area afterward.

Wax the floor as per instructions on the bottle. Polyurethane coated floors do not require this was treatment.

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