Heating a Wooden Floor

One increasingly popular method for heating houses is to install underfloor heating. This actually has a history going back many centuries; Ancient Romans used hot water to heat some buildings. Modern floor heating methods commonly use heated water or electrical wiring. These methods, particularly heated water, and quite effective with wooden floors.

Heating floors with water though pipes, known as hydronic heating, has many advantages. One is the near silence of the system; unlike air conditioners or fan systems there is no noise. There is also no draft, as the air is not being circulated. This helps prevent the spread of germs. Furthermore, underfloor heating is quite efficient. There is very little heat lost as the building and contents are heated directly. Heat naturally rises, so a heated floor gently warms everything upon it.

Water running through pipes beneath the floor can be heated with gas, electricity, or solar means. These systems are best installed when a house is first built, or when a floor is being replaced. But once installed they will faithfully and safely function for the life of the house.

Hydronic heating is particularity good when installed under engineered wooden floors; these engineered boards suffer very little from heat expansion. If a floor has already been installed it is still possible to electrically heat rugs and obtain results similar to the underfloor systems.

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