Removing Indoor Air Pollution


Our homes contain chemicals and airborne pollutants from many sources. Some are introduced from furniture and flooring, though these then to dissipate over time. Other pollutants come from cleaning products, are tracked into on shoes and clothing, or occasionally come from accidents such as spills or burnt cookware. Regardless of the source the removal of the contaminants is important for our health.


General Rooms.

  • Air rooms our when the house is new. Opening windows and airing the house once a week is probably a good idea. Use a few fans to circulate air.
  • Have indoor plants. These effectively clear most airborne pollutant and chemicals, and they are very cheap to maintain.
  • Use an air filter system. Avoid any filter products that produce ozone.
  • If you have new carpet installed, let it air for a few days. Wooden flooring is preferable here as it tends to have already been sufficiently aired.
  • Use an Ultra Violet (UV) wand for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Uses safe heating methods that do not produce gas or CO2. Consider underfloor heating.
  • Use safe cleaning products, and never mix chemical.



  • Install exhaust fans above stoves and other cooking equipment.
  • Use cookware at moderate temperatures. Some cookware, especially non-stick Teflon, will produce toxic gasses above a certain temperature.
  • Check the smoke point when cooking with oil, especially stir frying. Different oils break down at different temperatures. Beyond these temperatures they produce toxic gasses and ruin the flavour of the food.
  • Find environmentally safe cleaning products. Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda cleans most surfaces. Use microfiber clothes which do not require solvents or chemicals.
  • Indoor plants for the kitchen can be good.

Sydney Bamboo Flooring

Many modern flooring options are better for the environment. Bamboo can grow and be replenished in only 7 years, where hardwood always took several decades. Bamboo flooring does use some chemicals when manufactured, but it uses far less than many artificial floors and far less than many carpets. The chemicals have dissipated by the time the bamboo flooring is installed.

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