Simple Hacks

– Floorboards sometime creak when we walk over them. In extreme cases the board must be re-nailed. Often the sound can be removed by putting Talcum powder in the cracks between boards.
– Noticeable cracks between boards can be filled with wood glue and sawdust. Use the same type of wood that you already have on the floor, and use sandpaper to make your own sawdust. Fill the crack with the glue and sawdust mixture, and then leave for several days. Then sand the area till it is flush with the surrounding floor. Re-varnish if necessary. Always wear eye and breathing protection when sanding and vanishing.
– Scuff marks on the floor, ones that are on the surface and do not penetrate into the wood, can often be removed with a magic eraser (melamine foam).
– Toothpaste with a damp cloth is mildly abrasive and can remove many stains, including permanent marker ink.
– Light scratches on wood may have only penetrated the surface finish. Adding a little more of the finish over the scratch can often remove the mark.
– Some scratches can be rendered invisible by applying a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts canola oil.
– Pet and urine stains can be cleaned with bicarbonate of soda. Else, mix bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and wash the area. Several applications might be necessary.
– Occasionally a scratch can be concealed by walnut oil. Simply rub a walnut on the scratch and see if there is an improvement; it’s cheap and worth a try.
– Small dents and bruises in wood can sometime be removes with a damp cloth and a steam iron. Place the cloth over the dent and apply the iron. This takes several minutes; keep moving the iron around to prevent burning. The moisture and heat should cause the dented wood to expand, and the bruise should be noticeably reduced. Unfortunate this process tends to discolour stained and polished floors; use only on raw wood.

Prevent scratches by using felt pads and rugs under furniture.

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