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10th October 2015

Bamboo - the fast growing alternative to wood

Most people would agree that when it comes to designing the interior of any home, choosing the right flooring is one of the most crucial decisions to make.  Many factors need to be considered: compatibility with other furnishings, durability, ease of installation, maintenance, cost and environmental impact.  Natural wooden floors have for some time been providing a popular solution.  But a growing number of professional and domestic interior designers are now turning from wood to bamboo.

Bamboo is gaining this new popularity for a number of reasons.  Aesthetically it is quite stunning, coming in a range of colours, finishes and natural patterns; it is exceptionally hardwearing – in fact it is more durable than some of the best tropical hardwoods - and it is as easy to clean and maintain as any other natural flooring product.  But when it comes to green credentials bamboo is hard to beat, outperforming wood every time.  It is probably the most sustainable species in the world since it is the fastest growing plant on earth.  Every year the parent bamboo plant produces new stems which can be harvested after five years without decreasing the size of the forest. 

We are  keen to encourage homeowners to consider bamboo when they are building or refurbishing their homes. ‘When it comes to flooring, bamboo just ticks all the boxes’ he says ‘and the same finishes can be replicated in other areas – from worktops and wall panels through to furniture, opening up a wide range of design possibilities’.