BT Bamboo Classic

BT classic bamboo is manufactured from specially selected bamboo that is harvested from sustainable forests. The bamboo stalks are grown to maturity prior to harvesting to ensure the strength and quality of the product. The bamboo logs are cut to length and then strips of approx. 30mm are cut from the edge of the log. The strips are machined to a flat piece, treated against fungal attack and insect infestation and then kiln dried. The dry strips are either glued side by side or laminated into 3 layers to produce horizontal style or glued face to face, or on edge, to produce vertical style. It is manufactured to international standards of EO emissions, for high indoor air quality, to look after your health.

Aesthetically the bamboo nodes are more visible, this appealing to customers who are seeking a floor with a bamboo appearance. The hardness rating of bamboo may not be as high as strand woven bamboo however the lowest rating of 6.8 is almost 30% higher than Tasmanian Oak hence why it is still prevalent. It is available in satin or gloss coatings in pale blonde or golden amber hues.

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