Verdura is the pioneer of 14mm click lock strand-woven bamboo to the Australian market place and have grown significantly over the past 8 years. By choosing Verdura bamboo flooring, you have chosen a high-end product with market leading warranty. The supplier of this product, Homemirus, is a 100% Australian owned company specializing in supply and distribution of Verdura bamboo floors, Stonewood bamboo floors and Preference engineering timber floors to Australian markets nation-wide. Homemirus are committed to building their reputation as a reliable and quality supplier of environmentally grown and manufactured products, determined to supply continuous and consistent quality products to the rapidly growing customer base.

These products come with 25 year wear warranty, along with lifetime residential structural and 10 years commercial warranty.

Selecting Verdura bamboo flooring will help sustain a greener planet. Traditional timber flooring is made from trees that take forty to sixty years to grow, in old growth forests and rainforests. Verdura bamboo flooring is made from bamboo poles carefully selected when matured after only between four to five years. These bamboo poles are from sustainable and carefully managed forests of Western China. Verdura selects only the highest grade bamboos and uses market leading technology to create floors of outstanding quality.

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