Raw Timber Flooring

In addition to providing for all of your outdoor timber needs. We are also able to supply you with the full range of Boral flooring products for the inside of your home. We are able to provide you with great prices on flooring, and will happily give you a quote for your home today!

Boral are the market leaders in timber flooring products in Australia, and through them we can offer you the best hardwood flooring products you’ll get. We believe that a timber floor in your home offers you the best possible choice, as you will receive a floor that is warm, hardwearing and sustainably produced. It also gives your home some extra character and personality.

Varieties of available hardwood flooring are as follows Brushbox, Flooded Gum, Grey Ironbark, Ironbark, Messmate, New England Oak, Red Mahogany, Red Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Stringybark, Sydney Bluegum, Tallowwood, Turpentine

Boral flooring comes with a machined tongue and groove profile for precise installation and a solid strip finish. Different species availability varies, and boards are available in a number of widths (63mm, 85mm, 130mm and 180mm) All boards come in 19mm and 13mm thicknesses depending on the application and come in random lengths from 900mm to 5700mm long.

It’s recommended that a professional install your flooring as it’s a very precise job and one that’s worth getting absolutely right. Softwoods can point you in the right direction as we only deal with licenced, qualified trades. So if you are not sure as to who can install your floor, we’ll happily help you out. Don’t risk getting just anyone to install a product that adds value to your home

Timber flooring has many benefits, among the best are the ease of cleaning and the lack of dust mites that carpet provides, especially important to those with allergies. Timber is hardwearing and has a natural character that you don’t get from other building materials. A timber floor also conveniently offers good access to the sub floor for ventilation, electrical and plumbing access. As timber flooring is a natural product there will be variations in the colouring of most floors, as well as natural highlights and differences in each board.

Floorboards can be fixed in a number of different ways. These include:

Directly glued to concrete,
Nailed to battens over a concrete slab,
Nailed to joists over bearers,
Nailed to plywood over concrete
Nailed to old flooring over joists.

You can also add acoustic underlays below your flooring if you believe that noise may be an issue. If you’re looking at installing flooring we will assess your current situation and help you make the right decision.

In addition to solid strip floorboards, we can also supply Boral overlay flooring which is designed to be glued down directly onto concrete. Overlay flooring differs from most floating floorboards in that it is 19mm thick (and 80mm wide) so it is unlikely to move as many floating floors do. It’s recommended that overlay flooring be stuck to plywood over concrete to sidestep any potential moisture issue, but this is not essential if you have limited clearance.

Boral hardwood floorboards come in three separate gradings. These are as follows:

Australiana Grade

Carefully graded, with moderate natural features that are chosen for their attractive appearance, this is the premium grade of floorboard.

Classic Grade

A lower level of natural features with a uniform look. Classic grade has subtle colour differences with very few knots, gum veins or spirals

Natural Grade

A high level of natural features with an aged look. Natural grade boards offer a rustic look with a number of imperfections and lots of natural character.

One of the great benefits of timber as a flooring material is that it’s a renewable resource. Hardwood timber floors are carefully harvested and forested in a way that emphasises sustainability. As a result of this not all species are available at all times, as supply will depend on what can be harvested at any given time. Boral flooring products are all Australian Forestry Standard Chain of custody certified (AS4707-2006) so you know that what you are purchasing is a product that is both outstanding in its performance, good for the environment and supportive of sustainable forestry practices.

Along with the Boral flooring we can also supply all the necessary glues, adhesives and moisture barriers to complete your project. We use and highly recommend Mapei products as Boral have been working closely with this company to produce high quality products.

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