Solid Timber Flooring

Most people simply love the way wood flooring enhances a room. It gives a room a sense of permanence, stability and warmth. Even in a small house with minimal square footage, wood floors give a house a well-crafted, "high-end" appearance. Westco stock a variety of woods from light parawood, to dark Oak. It’s definitely worth the time to educate yourself about the woods available before you make the investment.

There are many good reasons why wood flooring may be right for your home. There are also a few good reasons why wood flooring might not be the right choice for you, among the reasons to choose wood are:

  • Wood floors tie a room together, yet complement virtually any furniture, decoration or overall style.
  • The wide range of species, colors and patterns offer endless design possibilities.
  • Wood floors are easy to clean. They’re ideal for people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, because dust particles, pollen and dust mites stay on the surface where they can be wiped up.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is the type most consumers recognize, because it’s been available longer. This flooring is comprised of wood strips nailed side by side. It provides excellent insulation, and it adds substantial strength to a home's structure.

Many people feel solid wood flooring is the most aesthetically pleasing, especially considering the wide range of species and coloration available. Westco’s solid floors are installed by floating using glue or the clip methods.

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